Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday December 12 -Monday December 15

The days were mostly spent on family visits and enjoying sampling various tidbits that relatives knew were our favorites. A rather enjoyable 4 days.

Monday evening, we stopped to buy a small suitcase to take to the Sunderbans. It was quite an adventure. The store was run my a msn in his mid 30s and his extremely overbearing mother, who would give him instruction on everything. I really did expect her to remind the som to go to the bathroom on time, yes it was that bad.

We finally walked out of there with a small purple suitcase and the last instruction of reminding her son to thank us.

Back at 18/1, that was juicy story at dinner time and so the ordeal was worth it.

We had an early dinner, packed our little suitcase and went to bed early.


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