Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday December 21 - Delhi to Chicago to home

It was around 1:00 AM and we were so hoping they would board us sooner than later.

We finally boarded, found our seats and settled in. The cabin attendant appeared to be more personable than the one for the flight coming in from Chicago, she wasn't rude or anything but this man appeared to be always taking the extra step.

The details:
Aircraft: BOEING 777-300ER JET
Duration: 16hours and 0 minutes
Distance (in Miles): 7484
Seats 9H and 9K

The flight left on time, it was very smooth and quiet. 4 hours into the flight we were woken up for dinner at 6:00 AM. I supposed it was dinner time in Chicago - 5:30 - 6:00 PM. All the dinner choices were good and as was the wine that was served before, during, and after the meal. Nothing wrong with a couple glasses of wine accompanied by an excellent cheese tray at 7:00 AM.

After dinner was over, the cabin lights were turned and it's back to sleep for a long time - it is a 16 hour flight after all.

A couple of hours before landing we were served breakfast, not sure if either 3:00 AM central time or 2:30 PM IST qualifies for breakfast, but it was good anyway.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and we landed early by a 45 mins. We cleared customs and immigration, collected our luggage and got on the 6:30 AM Wisconsin Coach Lines bus instead of the 8:30 as planned. This was all good except we had to get Sanjit up at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning, to pick us from Racine two hours ahead. Actually "jolted out of bed" is the term he used.

He was waiting for us at the Racine stop and we were soon home catching up on the last 3 weeks events. After he left it was unpacking and laundry time.


It was a good vacation, the travel agent we used delivered on all that they promised. I don't believe I can classify this as a memorable vacation or even one of the best. There were parts of the trip like Rann, which We wanted to see, and might repeat but nothing much that I can think of that is worth repeating.

There were memorial events throughout the trip but classifying the total vacation as "good" is the best I can do.

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